Utah Coffee Houses


Let me tell you when I go to Utah I never expect to find great coffee, but this trip I decided to check a few new places out and I was hooked.  Not to mention my family as an awesome espresso machine and I made myself a latte every morning.  Let's just say the workers already recognized me and I got a lot of weird stares for taking photos of the coffee and my cousin and I drinking said coffees.  My cousin got a real caffeine high from the cortados we downed at a small batch roastery called Publik Coffee in Salt Lake City.  It is situated in an old warehouse and has the modern look of exposed pipes, factory black windows, wood panels and metal chairs.  The other coffee shop was quite odd as it was situated inside a restaurant nonetheless had great design.  La Barba Coffee roasters had an amazing sounding menu (churros, drinking chocolate, display case of pastries) but I had just popped in for a breather & AC while walking around super hot downtown.  I regret not trying it out before I left since Churros are my favorite!!