New Years Trip


My New Years trip to Utah to visit family was short but sweet.  As soon as I got off the plane I was hit in the face by winters flurries.  I ate some, loved it, and felt like such a kid. Apparently flurries do not mean it's snowing, when the real snow came it was 10x more fun.  Hung out in Salt Lake City for a few days of ice skating downtown, dinners and lounging then off I went for a few days of cabin fun.  It was cabin life at its finest, below freezing temperatures, therefore no running water, an outhouse with a beautiful view of shooting stars at night and mountains during the day,  generators keeping on the lights and candles for after dark card games, movies and conversations.  My aunt cooked lovely meals and made her famous Czechoslovakian holiday cookies which I could not stop eating.  I loved helping in the kitchen, cooking, fetching snow from outside and melting it atop the furnace for washing dishes and such.  Such a simple life filled with joy, no wifi, no service, just peace and quiet with no neighbors within hundreds of acres except wildlife and nature.  Fun filled days of shooting guns, first time might I add and I did amazing.  Snowmobiling was super thrilling, it just sucked getting stuck in feet of powder here and there.  See you soon Utah.