::Proenza Bag::

What's in my bag= WIMB. Basically all I ever carry in my bag. Plastic, some coins for meters that don't take card, and my keys of course. I always carry a mini version of perfume-this one is Prada- very convenient. Since it's officially summer I don't leave the house without my rosewater balancing mist, great for when I need a quick refresher and I suggest this one by Jurlique. Only makeup I ever carry is a powder (Chanel) for touch ups if need be, chapstick or a simple lip gloss (Emporio Armani)that can pass as chapstick. A nail file is always in my wallet (not pictured) because I always seem to break my nails on the most random of things. My iPad for when I'm at a cafe for pleasure in which I read my kindle, or read magazines, or work doing research and some cyber shopping. Almost forgot about my phone, used for all blogging necessities. That's WIMB, WIYours?