Inside the bag


No I don't have sunshine in my bag, but it's quite up there.
Proenza Schuler: Newest addition to my leather bags. It's seamlessly practical, deceivingly spacious, and devastatingly chic.

Versace mini: Yellow Diamond. Recently having parted with my Bright Crystal I was united with this new version from Versace, but it is definitely just as seductive.

MK studded wallet: I hate bulky wallets, and fortunately my OCD is the diet which keeps my wallet in check. I love that it can easily transition from wallet to clutch.

iPad3: Till I get an appropriate case for it I will nest it in my trusty ps11.

Vintage ring: I love the black onyx and silver details

MK watch: More casual and less flashy than my gold MK. Love that its a lot lighter as well.

Ray Bans: aviators for when I feel incognito like.

Blackberry: always has my back, so I take it with me everywhere I go.