New In Mulberry


:: Raglan Sweatshirt Donkey Motif::

Oh how I love Mulberry. I found this bad boy sweatshirt discounted, practically snagged it for free since in no way shape or form is an originally priced Mulberry anything in my budget. Above is how I pictured it'd be styled. Basically a chambray underneath said sweatshirt, swag beanie and shades, Givenchy leather bracelet, paired with harem sweat pants, pony haired bag to go along with the fact that you know it'd look like I was riding a donkey, oh and let's not forget some killer wedges. I will soon be emulating this outfit as best I can with what I have and a photo will soon be up to see how well I was able to translate it into my real world wardrobe instead of a cyber one I fancy. Your thoughts or your thoughts after having seen said outfit.