Le fond de teint

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::In my treesje bag: Bare Minerals foundation, warmth, brow color & brushes, Estée Lauder mascara & eyeliner, Diorskin Nude foundation::

When it comes to makeup, I usually opt for the natural and dewy look as opposed to the matte and overdone one. During the summer I use makeup sparingly as I am usually sun kissed enough to not feel the need to wear anything at all or heavy wise. I rarely use eyeliner, and if I do it's only at night or on special occasions in which I line some smoky shadow on the lower lids and if I'm feeling extra pretty, a cat-eye in bronze liquid liner to complete the look. In the winter I tend to dust bronzer all over my face to give it that faux tan we all crave without the harmful rays and tediousness . Eye makeup is still left at a minimum. Usually my styled hair makes up for the lack of makeup, however pony tails usually require a little extra makeup.