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::Miu Miu (I prefer the non acrylic version), British flag inspired, animal print, half moon::

Confession: I have never had my nails done professionally. Not by anyone but myself, and frankly I don't care to. I guess I can thank my mom, a retired cosmetologist, for teaching me everything there is to know about the human nail-bed. Girls who get fake nails are seen as aliens in my eyes. I feel as if they are hiding something, and can't let lose. Trust me I've heard the famous excuse that acrylics help them from biting their nails. BS. I will never and mark my word, never get acrylics. However, I wouldn't mind getting mani's such as the above unattainable designs had I done them myself. Tricks of the trade: ALWAYS paint your dominant hand first. Let me know of any nail polish colors you love. I would love to add to my collection.