Ghastly good taste


So it's late into the night and I could not stop thinking about my little apt. Interior design has been something I took interest in lately. I've been renovating the mother unit in the back of my house which is attached to our detached garage. Unfortunately the renovation process has come to a momentary halt because of issues involving the house. Yet I have so many ideas and such few resources to work with due to the fact that we don't want to invest in something that potentially will be taken away from us. Everywhere I look brings inspiration. Glass, animal print, snake skin fur/alpaca rugs, light fabrics, canopy, rustic wood, walk in closet ( my dream without the heavy price tag)...
Renovating does not come easy, especially when your house is ancient. I had to tear out the old linoleum to have decent floors, fix the toilet, patch up parts of the ceiling from leaky roof/sky lights/ac unit? We still don't know what the problem is, but putting off fixing the roof was a bad idea because of the heavy rain we had recently. Surprisingly made it through without any damage. I will post up photos of the place once it starts coming along nicely.