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Nnew stuff on FemmeRogue Shop up now.  Purging my closet of all "Boy clothes" or "too girly" apparently there is no middle ground for me.  I don't want to own more than 20 items of clothing.  I want only enough clothes able to fit on a rack and only the bare minimum in shoes, bags, and accessories.  The other day it literally took me an hour to get dressed, that has never happened before as I'm usually ready in 2 minutes.  This is what prompted my need to get rid of everything even though I really don't want to and want to keep everything forever to be able to pass down to the next generation.

Will accept payment through PayPal.    

Feelin' Fall

::Fall Tablescape::
Fall has finally graced us with its presence as we all feared might never happen after all the heat here in Cali.  Thus my excitment for our next fall/winter 15' dinner party is bouncing off the walls.  This year we are thinking all white     


Just a DAY in LA

::Top:Calvin Klein, Jeans: Ralph Lauren Denim, Loafers: Faconnable::

Out in LA with my friend Chantelle to celebrate my birthday with a fun filled day of running around taking photos, eating macarons and drinking coffee.  The weather was perfectly cloudy and bearable for once in October.  Praying for many more years to come.   


Capp + Mountains


Deer Valley resort in Park City was such a pretty place.  Walked around Park City for a bit and ended the evening with a cappuccino and sunset at the St. Regis.  They have a tram called the Funicular complete with comfy leather seats which offers a ride up to the upper region of the hotel, and it was quite the ride both gorgeous and scary.    


Laguna Beach

::The OC::

So fortunate to be able to have grown up and call the OC my home.  It is lovely year round and the beaches are superb.  I will only swim into clear clean blue or green water and Laguna has some of the best private beaches and tiny coves.  Hopefully these raw photos are able to depict just how beautiful it really is.  I like to come here during the day to tan and in the evening for a picnic and sunset watching.  My brother loved it as well and he is hard to please.


Bathroom Reno


::Bathroom Reno::

Renovation on 1 of 2 bathrooms is almost complete.  Photos show completed tile work of which I did a lot myself and brass fixtures in place.  We kept the original tub as it was in great condition and with the drought these days a bigger tub just means more waste of water if tempted to take a bath.  Things left to do: Add baseboard and bathroom decor e.g plants, shower caddy, storage cabinet, and baskets.  Will post updated photos soon. 


Oui Bakery


Never thought I'd find a lovely french inspired bakery when I was in Salt Lake City but I managed to find this gem in downtown and was immediately hooked.  Their chocolate croissant was perfectly flaky and had just the right amount of dark chocolate and paired with a cappuccino equaled perfection.  For the savory, the star of the show was the croque-madame, it was heaven, from the fresh buttered bread and melted gruyere to the perfectly blackened ham.  I wish I could take it with me but I will just have to try and replicate it at home.  And I leave happy as a clam with baguette in hand.


Bonneville Salt Flats


Took a road trip down to the Bonneville Salt Flats while visiting Utah.  It was such a cool experience.  It was literally picture perfect.  The weather was also perfect, not too hot, just really bright from the reflection off the white ground. 


Park City


::Park City, Utah::

Such a cute little town.  Loved walking around park city, it's been a Utah favorite since childhood.  The motorcycle ride up and down was a thrill at 90mph.  I feared for my life as my uncle is a crazy motorist.


Natural History Museum of Utah


How pretty is this museum?  Felt like a kid on a filed trip, but I left with having learned a few things.  Let me tell you it was like a sauna on that sky deck/ blazing hot and wearing black.